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Thinking of going punk and show the devilish side for once? Then, look no further and just check out peep's latest updates!
The picture on your left just reminds me of "VAMPs" hohohoho~ ( Go go go True Blood season 3) Fangbanger-styled. Okay, I need to focus on reviewing the cute tutu skirt! It's pretty much something 'lolita' like skirt, but adds some cute factor to the total punk style! The picture on the right is how the tutu skirt is versatile, with that awesome top which is called single shoulder for a reason... makes this outfit somehow rockish or rebellious to me =P Well, i forgot to add "in my opinion", you might just think otherwise.

Anyways, tictactoe also has updates which seems safarical! (am I the first person to use this?) I mean tigers and zebras?!? Cool, ain't it?  However.. the tigers remind me of ke$ha whom I now pretty much like compared to the new ' hannah montana'
And the other half of my post will be making people like me to squeal "I want!" "So sweet" & "So cute"

La Dolce has again brought in a cute collection of ribbon hairbands, ribbon hairclips, and rose hairclips too!

Looks tempting, no? I really like the rose hairclips somehow..." A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. "-David Tennant *fangirls* (slaps myself)

Okay, people! One last but not least is clothesbucket with this skirt I loooooveee so much. If this isn't in your wardrobe, well then you'll need it! Elastic band (circular) skirts are such an easy outfit to put on and go out looking smashing!!

The colors are so pretty and it just makes it so so very hard to choose between them. And guess what people? It's only RM30! Definitely a steal if I may say so =)

On a side note, ...yesh, I'm back people!~ S has lost her brain cells to terrible (exams) times indeed and now is able to fangirl about Alexander Skarsgard and David Tennant because she's now officially free to do so! So, please excuse the random fangirlie shout outs! And I think the rest of the egs girls would think I'll need to go to rehab, gawking at their screens reading this. "They tried to make me go to rehab, I said No No No"

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