Glossy addiction

Updates from glossy addiction never fail to impress me. And last night, they've done it again.

This mulberry-inspired messenger bag is love! Initially I did think that it would be bothersome to unbuckle the two buckles everytime I need to open the bag, but voila it's actually attached by magnet. Comes with detachable sling strap too, so can double as a tote or sling.

I remember there was a time in high school when PVC see-through bags were so "IN". Well, look who's making a come-back. I'm starting to think that we should not throw out our horrendous out-of-fashion items as they'll almost always come back!

Am not a big fan of vintage bags, but this blue boxy really caught my eye. Love!

This cute tote is perfect for a casual day out. Throw in your purse and phone and you're ready to go!


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