Happy weekend!

I spent quite a lot on my last holiday trip so I'm a little low on cash right now. :( So, this is when I <3 sales so much more! Now where will the first stop be? Over here! (Sorry for the lame pun, I couldn't resist ngehehe)

This lace dress is such a beaut!!!! Am soooooo tempted and I mean very very tempted to get it. I am trying my very best to resist because I'm still feeling rather guilty over spending so much this month. I can't help it; I love empire line dresses. With the combination of the neckline and lace, it's just love. RM40.

I wasn't much of a harem pants fan but after watching a korean drama recently it kinda just grew on me. I will get some for work as soon as my semester ends (It hasn't even begun yet -_-). I mean in my opinion it is much prettier than them boring old office work pants. RM35.

A rather simple dress but I love the satin and the attached sash. Go to work with style!

Creme Fraiche has items on sale too!

From the looks of it, this kimono dress can be worn by itself or as an outer wear (Not really sure). Something I would love to wear to work :) RM34.

The ever popular bodycon dress. Grab it now if you've missed it out at other blogshops :P RM34.

A simple but sexy dress with its plunging neckline. RM33.


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