Oxford flats

Don't you hate how when you're not looking for something you see it everywhere but when you seek out something you can never seem to find what you want! I've wanted oxford flats since like forever but i was trying to control my buying so when i was seeing it everywhere i never really bothered buying them. But now that i've finally decided to buy a pair, i can't seem to find it anywhere! Yes, i know that oxford flats are probably not that "IN" anymore but i don't really care.

So, i made it my mission to find a pair of oxford flats online. After scouring the net here's what i found

RM 79

RM 55

Lush Serendipity 
RM 45

I've yet to decide which pair i'm getting. To be honest i wanted a brown pair (so any online blogshop owners out there stocking oxford flats in brown do email us!) but i can't seem to find any. So in the end i think i'll settle for either black or white. For now i'm pretty much undecided between the ones from Ablinc and the ones from Lush Serendipity. So, friends reading this (including fellow egs girls) as well as any of you out there reading this, do drop a comment or email and let me know what you all think!



  1. h, F here.

    You are not going to believe this but i spent the WHOLE afternoon looking for a pair of brown oxford!! I was so desperate at one point that i almost bought this beige pair but thank God, i woke up. And it was AUD$130.

    I saw another black pair in another shop for just AUD$34 but they didnt have it in my size. :( I guess oxford and i aren't meant to be.

  2. Oxfords!!! Went shopping in Ipoh around a month ago and found a lovely pair of brown ones in Vincci! Not sure they still have them in stock or not cos I didn't visit Vincci the last time I went =/

    Btw, I kinda like the white pair from Lush Serendipity.

  3. F, i guess what they say about great minds thinking alike it true. haha. brown oxford soooo nice right!!! I was pretty desperate that i even checked out international sites. was planning of having them sent either to you or s. lol.

    And huixin i did check out vinci recently but didn't see any! sigh. there was this really nice gray pair at topshop but i think the price was RM 300 plus. And and i'm definitely leaning more towards the white pair from lush serendipity as well. i think black is just a bit too corporate looking. haha.

  4. lol OMG .. swear its the same story from me !! when it was "in" that time i wasn't really bothered ! only now when i can't seem to find it anywhere do i want it ! i thought i'd check out the shops in bangsar or something .. topshop is selling a pair of really nice one but they cost a bomb and vincci accesories are also selling oxford flats which are pretty cute but its a little to dark brown for me i want it in a lighter brown :/

  5. Hi, glad to find that i'm not the only ones who is only starting to like oxfords now that it's not exactly "in". haha. and yea, topshop's shoes are too expensive.
    And i just got myself a pair from dusky wings. Blogged about it here: