This is the last weekend for me (and the rest of the egs girls except one who has already started uni 3 weeks ago) to laze about because sadly, holidays officially end tomorrow. I reckon the stress this semester will be so much more emphasized that we'll be doing online shopping more than ever. Stress-relieving through shopping really makes my wallet cry :( But the feeling of getting a call from the uni receptionist (poor thing) is really one of the best feelings in the world. haha. We think that they secretly label us as the 'package girls', but who knows if they've given us more drastic names such as 'crazybunchofshopaholics'. meh :P

I was looking through our blogroll to see if any of our favourite online destinations updated and lucky me, doublewoot just updated today :D

This angel white eyelet dress spells S-W-E-E-T all the way. Again, my empire line fever has taken over. The pretty tie-back ribbon really accentuates the sweet appeal. I-need-this-dress.

Simply love this bodycon dress; Asos-inspired. Recently I'm always looking out for stylish clothes for the office..probably because I'd be working soon (if all goes well), and this falls into the category.

I'm drooling over these pants. It's probably due to my korean drama-obsession which has changed my opinions on what I used to subconsciously  label as "ugly-pants-above-ankle". I love them. But we used to tease our guy friend about his pants (even though he didn't give a damn) so what would he say if I sport them? (sshhh u guys! lol)


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