CHIFFON: Light & Fluffy

Chiffon used to be incorporated only for formal wears or bridal gowns and such. These days, it's mostly seen as casual wear from tops to dresses. Lately, since spring is coming and shops are beginning to sell latest spring fashions, I became infatuated with chiffon! Not just chiffon cakes, but also floral-printed or pastel-colored chiffon attires! I'm pretty sure you've seen a lot by now since everyday in M'sia is spring/summer! Hahahaha. The only downside of chiffon is the care, but since I'm poor. I think I'll only get poly-chiffons which is much easier to care for compared to silk chiffon =P still needs to be hand-washed rather than dry-cleaning or whatnot. However, I bet chiffons are easy to hand-wash too! It's so light and fluffy~

PhatCulture has two chiffon dresses which are just lovely!
This one piece dress compromises of a chiffon top plus a black bandage skirt which is pretty hot.

This chiffon dress is suitable for a casual look. Great for outings with family & friends. Or if feeling "beachy" add large straw hat and a pair of flip-flops!

Tea Garden Boutique has a similar patterned floral dress but with a different flair. And yesh, orange is the new black people =P

Anyways, the bottom-line is that I just bought myself one chiffon top and one chiffon dress which I can't wait to wear in spring~ I absolutely love them! I think chiffon were really in for summer '08. And here I am two years behind! =P If you haven't gotten yourself something chiffon, I highly suggest you do now. Muahaha

Here's some pictures of chiffon attires to tempt you or persuade your conscience to get one. (p.s. my chiffon top looks similar to the one in the top left box) ^^

More pictures to show that floral patterns and odd-looking patterns now look desirable to me now. I used to think those 'old' patterns printed on chiffon tops were only for the older generation like my mum  and I just couldn't understand why all the younger Japanese women sport this look! Hahaha.. now I do~

However, there's one thing about me that hasn't changed for chiffon! I L-O-V-E chiffon/angel cakes! Remember pandan chiffon cakes people? It should be part of your childhood fav. foods. If not, I feel for you. =P
I could eat a lot of this, it's so light and fluffy hohohoho~

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