I had my first class of the semester today...I was certainly physically there but my mind wandered to some faraway lane within minutes. I'm such a bad student. Alright enough ranting. Let's get on with the good stuff :)

Some items from Dress2Dazzle that I would love to get my hands on:

Are these cute or what?? I'm a big fan of jeggings because the rubber waist(s) are soo comfy. Ever since my first experience with jeggings, my jeans are left abandoned. And lookie, we can have miniature jeggings too! These are perfect for hot days and boy do they look comfy!

I love this shade of blue. Makes the dress sweeter than it already is. Available in grey and dark blue too.

Seen this bodycon around but am still loving it all the same. I reckon this light blue is more of an attention seeker whilst the black one is more formal; for work perhaps?

Clothes for fun has got some eye-catching stuff too:

This jumpsuit is love! Great alternative to those who simply do not dare to wear floral jumpsuits a.k.a me. I'm just not brave enough. But this, I <3. Available in olive green and turquoise too.

Ruched sleeves! I really like the combination on the left. White and pink ftw! Turquoise top is really nice too.

Enjoy shopping girls!


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