Eat, Gossip, Shop: One woman's search for everything across the world via the net


Slow as  I am  in the fashion world. Slower I am in media terms too. Just found out about Eat, Pray, Love movie acted by Julia Roberts which is due to be coming out in August! It's based on the bestseller novel Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia. Honestly, I was just bored and just surfing the net in the library and randomly typed "eat" at the google search bar which google's next suggestion was "eat pray love" which leads me to... where I am right now. This name of ours doesn't come from this novel but it probably comes from the same way of thinking. By combining what we wanted to blog about our love for food (eat) [on a side note, really really sorry for REALLY lacking in the eat department! We'll do our best to put up recipes or just food pics! Just stay tuned, pls] , our love for just talking nonsensical gibberish or even idols in the entertainment industry (gossip), and of course our "newfound" love for online shopping (shop). I typed 'newfound' meaning its sort of the newest pastimes of ours compared to the other two. Not just online shopping either, we also do like offline shopping! Hahaha it's somehow very convenient to do online shopping... Anyways, I feel compelled to watch this movie or even read the book first! How she eats at Italy, finds spiritual peace (pray) in India, and falls in love in Indonesia? Anyone interested too?


  1. I tried to read it but I got bored before the first chapter. -_-

  2. Seeriously?!? lol now I don't feel like reading it xD I haven't read in quite a while...