Window shopping

I used to do lots of window shopping, now with online shopping... I 'window shop' A LOT

Anyways, here's a few updates from our beloved sites.

From Poppy Mallow,

  Which lovely dress would you pick? Red or blue? The frills and bow is just so lovely~
This bleached top and skirt is being sold as a set for a price of RM43 only! Plus the denim bow is removable too.
This dress just reminds me of a maid apron! Hahahaha so lolita-ish. Polka dotted to add more of the cute factor.
This vest is *hearts* From afar, I didn't notice the intricate details of the white lace poking out from this denim vest, adding on the bow at the back is just ingenious! 
So, if these look like something you might like or just for your own viewing pleasure, do check this site. 

Next up is Dress2Dazzle,

It looks like a typical dress at first to me, but it's actually not! This is me being amazed o.O
Come in other colors too.
Love how this jacket makes a normal tank look cool. =)
Pinstriped shorts anyone?

Clothes for fun has a large range of new updates! There's not just clothes, but also hairbands.
These hairbands just screams sweet + cute. All those little hearts are adorable.
Clockwise from the top left box, black top with ribbon, comes in grey too. Who needs to worry about potbelly when you can wear these. Next, flower dress with cropped lace top is a steal! only if you have the body to flaunt it =). And lastly, grecian dress in grey, black and blue. It's like dressing up to look classy without the effort.
( However, bustier people might be able to look better in these dresses lol no offense taken I hope =P )

And lastly, I'm pretty much into crafts! I mean I like them. I'd learn how to if I'm really really crazy about it. However, after a while... all those efforts and hard work just makes me a lazy bum. *sighs* So, sometimes I like seeing what other crafters make and SkranchieZ have quite a collection. My, my, my aren't these scrunchies cute~ 

Btw, random thought but me and h used to play this weird, bad, and probably annoying game of pulling our friend's scrunchie and run off with it or hide it and make them frustrated with one hand holding up their ponytail. *sniggers* So, that's why you people need to keep shorter hair =) me and h don't use scrunchies so this game won't work on us. Poor oh poor v

Anyways, that's all from me, s =^^=

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  1. ahahahaha. h here and i can't help but laugh to myself quietly as i read what you wrote in the last paragraph. i think v was not wrong to label us the evil twins. hehe. but those were good times!!!