A break from studying..

Hello girls! How was your weekend? I for one am sad that its coming to and end and the Monday blues will start all over again. BUT, before all that calamity starts, here's something to keep our spirits up :)

Two tone dresses with flouncy floral skirts with mesh overlay. Gorgeous or what? I've always had a soft spot for two-tones and this piece is no exception. Selling at RM59.

Found a similar piece selling at Those Neon Lights for a competitive price of RM50! No matter which you choose, you'll definitely stand out in this piece.

Found this incredible skirt with unique zippered details on the entire front of the skirt. Semi high waist and slightly body-con as well. Unfortunately it is sold out already, in only 8 hours!

But fret not for a similar piece was seen in trolley-dollies going for RM39! So don't hesitate any longer and grab this piece for yourself!


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