Are we shopaholics?

I'm sure most of you reading our blog, shop online. We obviously do. Lately though, we can't help but think that we are spending too much and might be slightly addicted to shopping (both online and offline). So, here's the thing, all us egs girls are students and we all don't work part time and rely solely on allowances from our parents.

We were studying together again and this was when we started this conversation (sometimes i can't help but wonder how we get any studying done when we seem to have all sorts of discussions). And since we had our calculators ready in hand (we nerdy types always have our calculators near us. hehe) we started calculating how much each of us spend on shopping a month. And we sort of reached the conclusion that our shopping at times can amount to around rm 300 a month. And we just feel that for students, that is a bit excessive. But what exactly is too much?

So we decided to rely on you guys, our readers for a little feedback. All you students out there, how much do you spend on average a month just on clothes?

How bout those of you working and earning your own keep?

Students: How much do you spend on shopping a month?

Working Individuals: How much do you spend on shopping a month?

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