Steal the look: Bae Seul Gi

Hmm, you might not know this singer/actress. Fear not, neither do I *inserts laugh here* I have seen her act in a banjun drama with DBSK though and a few variety shows. I think she's really cute though.

I kind of noticed not many people seem to buy lacey dresses. ( Those who see laces and then immediately buys, you're unfortunately the minority) I mean I do like laces and ribbons, but on the whole dress?!? Makes me go.. erm? Would I really wear it out? Would it be too tacky? Some laces with the larger patterns make me think "old" Thus, I'm really picky when choosing a lacey dress or a top.

Nonetheless, stars and fashionistas has made lace= cute & lace = classy. And I can't agree with them enough! ( Due to my lacking of matching lacey clothes well, I shall steal from those who can hohoho~)

Dress: Miss OCD used to have the exact thing!! But, sadly it's sold out and non-restockable *cries*
Alternative could be Miss Lux from the Attires' attic? It's the same fitting cut. =P Going for RM49.

Necklace: Butterfly pearl necklace RM 18.40 from A fashion story.

Shoes: Goldylocks from Miss OCD. Selling at RM180.
Or another alternative would be, this red and black heels from the Kookything for RM 65!
More pictures of BSG~ I heart this cute lace dress!

Look how when she adds on this amazing jacket, plus that huge flower brooch. This outfit just screams out L-O-V-E!!
[I will keep my eyes peeled for these pieces!]

As of recently, acid-washed apparels are really becoming huge!
Jacket: Don't you just love this jacket? I do! *sighs* Haven't found this yet... come to think of it.. I have been looking for a pale-coloured/ white leather jacket with this cutting~ Haven't found it yet too... *blames self for being into fashion which is quite over*

Loose fitting dress from Supre (Oz): AUD 30.

Shoes: Miss OCD has this similar pair too! But, I'm not too sure if it's still available. It's pretty complicated?

On a very random note... Miss OCD has these AMAZING pair of heels via pre-ordering!~

Why do I say it's AMAZINGG?!? It's looks so similar to Ma Hyeri's heels in Prosecutor Princess (a Korean drama which is still airing now) Aren't I correct? *fangirl screamm* I not only follow this drama cause the hottie (PSH saranghae~ He's the first guy who would make me think that single eyelid guys are pretty hot!)behind there... but gosh, I might as well be watching it just to see Ma Hyeri's heels?!? I can't help but to notice them... I personally think that the director really intended to put emphasis on them.
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Love, S who is being cute and failing badly at it.

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