Hi all! Today I'll be branching out from our usual shopping posts to slot in some topics on how you can get new inspirations for fashion. Rather than always buying new clothes into our already EXPANDING closet, why not browse fashion lookbooks for new inspirations on how to modify your existing clothes into something new and interesting? Here I will introduce some great sites for fashion inspirations, and one of my favourites is

Here you can see posts from real people all around the globe with amazing street looks, high fashion to normal, daily casual wear. I of course am always looking out for the vintage styles and ways to incorporate that into my own look. Here are some posts from people whose style I admire!

These amazing looks are by a 22 year old blogger/reporter from Hong Kong.

These looks are from a 20 year old across the globe in Alabamer.

There are many many more looks for you to browse and if these are not your taste, head on over to the site to check other looks out. Another site that i recommend is Chictopia which is known as The People's Fashion Destination.

These are some of the looks I decided the post up but there are tons more where that came from. Inspired? ~M~

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