Shopping and more shopping

As usual, I'm out hunting for great stuff online which I can only salivate at, but in order to stick to my strict budget, I have to resist the temptation. And one way I can think of is to advertise these lovely goodies out here in hopes that it sells off immediately and 'tadahhhh!', temptation gone! hahahaha funny theory eh? That aside, lets feast you eyes on some goodies from:

Beautiful scallop skirt as seen in the Odd Loft, available in dark blue and grey. Over at the Odd Loft, there exist another one in a more whimsical colour. Love them both to bits!

This colour is so soothing and easy to pair with anything. For me, a plain top and ballet flats!

Always loved their items! Simple and eye catching pieces which is carefully handpicked. Reasonable prices as well.

Simple pinstriped dress with full length buttons and the best part is, its only going for RM30! Can you say steal?

Ok off to watch Grey's!! ~M~

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