Preloved Goodies

Based on our latest poll, it seems that most of us here are chronic shopaholics. haha. For students, it seems that the typical budget on clothes is around RM 150-300 which i'll say is bordering on the high side, won't you say. I guess for the working adults, RM 150-300 on clothes is pretty acceptable.

So for all us students out there we should probably strive to save a bit of money right?? We, girls have sort of started a system where we try to help each other to curb our shopping. hehe. Not sure if that's going to work out or not though.

But then again, it's never easy to stop shopping right. So instead of going cold turkey and stop shopping completely, why not search for cheaper alternatives?

A reader of ours (a fellow shopaholic) is selling her pre-loved clothes and the prices are very reasonable at Je-vous-moi.

Believe it or not, you can get great items for as low as RM 4 and I'm not talking about ratty clothes that have been worn hundred of times but this sleeveless polo that has only been worn ONCE!

And dresses for as low as RM 7!!

Where else can you find shorts for rm 5???
And i'm loving this MNG bag (only RM 35) and this leather jacket (brand new)

So looking for your shopping fix but your wallets are nearly empty. Do head over to Je-vous-moi
and i'm sure you'll find a great bargain!

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