Malaysia boleh!

Hi, we figure that with it being Merdeka and all we should be a little patriotic and show some love towards our country. Yes, yes, corny i know but hey, despite my endless rambling and complaining about the various ways Malaysia can be better (i mean let us admit it, Malaysia has a LOT of room for improvement), at the end of the day i can't imagine calling any other country my home. I honestly think that some of Malaysia's flaws actually makes it the country that I am proud to call my home. So, here is the top 5 things I love about Malaysia (in no particular order)

1. Malaysian FOOD!!!!!! Who can deny the greatness of Malaysian food??? I love love love to eat and i can't imagine living without nasi lemak, chicken rice, nasi goreng kampung, satay, sambal fish/sting ray and seriously the list is ENDLESS.

2. Cheap SHOPPING - This of course would be on the list with me being the shopaholic that i am. True, there are many countries with cheaper shopping (ie Thailand, China...) but Malaysia strikes the right balance between being cheap enough yet prosperous enough as a country. There's nothing better than being able to go online and purchase something under RM 30 on days when we are feeling completely stressed out.

3. Poslaju - This is sort of connected to item 3 but i honestly LOVE poslaju! they are completely reliable and fast. I find it amazing how an item from West Malaysia can be sent all the way to Miri within 24 hours. Considering how things aren't always very efficient in Malaysia, i must say that poslaju is VERY efficient.

4. Lack of speed cameras - Yes, in terms of safety, this is probably an area Malaysia can work on. But let's be honest, who wants speed cameras right? I mean can you imagine driving below the speed limit? I honestly can't. I don't really drive fast but even then, my speedometer would usually hit 120 kmh without me realizing it. If we were to live in Australia, i would probably have to declare bankruptcy thanks to my endless speeding tickets!

5. Lots of public holidays - I'm guessing malaysia probably has more public holidays than most countries since we are a multiracial country. I mean how many countries out there celebrates New Year, CNY, Gawai (for us sarawakian), wesak, deepavali, Hari Raya, Christmas and a couple more that i can't even remember? I'm not that excited about the festivities that come along with these celebration but i must say that i do appreciate the public holiday that it grants us. hehe.

So there's five of my reasons that i love malaysia. What are yours???

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