Rara black

Gorgeous gorgeous updates from Rara black! So awesome I cannot help but sigh at the fact that I do not grow a money tree in my backyard. I need all of these dresses. Who cares if I don't have many formal functions to attend. I'd just force my friends to get married :D

It never really occurred to me that the combination of fuchsia and black can be this amazing! Awesome layering!

 A rather simple pencil dress but looks awesome all the same. Love the sweetheart neckline.

 Something more on the conservative side, but look sexy all the same with the bodycon cut.

My all-time-favourite-can't-live-without: Jeggings. Skinny but comfy; just the way I like it ;)

Yet another sexy bodycon; toga with ruffles all in the right place. *drools*

Back to work,

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