What we bought: Oxford flats!!!

Hi! I'm hoping that this would be a regular series where we blog and review things that we bought online. So for this inaugural post for this specific segment i'm going to review the oxford flats that i bought! Remember my post here where i scoured the net for oxford flats?

Well after much contemplation i ended up getting.....NONE of those! haha. well, the shoes i featured were all preorder and i realized that it would probably be mid-september by the time i get them. and knowing how fickle minded i am, i might lose all interest by the time they arrive. So i did some more searching online and finally i found these.......

From dusky wings for RM 48 (they were on sale from RM 70!!)

I chose the grey ones. I initially liked the beige looking one but the colour was listed as gold and i was worried that it would be more goldish than beige-ish as it appeared on the picture and so i opted for the grey ones instead. I was so excited about the shoes that i guess the owner probably got a little annoyed because i was pestering her nearly everyday. Ahahaha. I'm exaggerating of course but i guess i did SMS her a couple times (2 only actually!)  asking whether she posted out my package. hehe.  
So finally, today i got my shoes from our uni's receptionist. I was so excited i immediately opened the package right there and then (come to think of it, M was the one who helped me open the package). I must say i'm rather pleased with the quality of the shoes but but they are a bit small for me!!!! *wails* But who cares i'm still going to stuff my huge feet into them and hope they expand eventually. 

Anyway, enough of me going on and on, here are some photos of the shoes!!
Umm...i honestly have no idea how shoe sellers take such flattering photos of their product and of their feet. This is what i end up with. :(
No comments about how wrinkly my feet looks please! i didn't even know i had wrinkly feet until i took this photo. sigh
I'm completely satisfied now cause i finally have a pair of oxfords. hehe.


  1. Hey H!

    I think the photos ARE flattering somehow! They are so pwetty +_+


  2. OMG H!! F here!!

    THIS IS RATHER SCARY! I BOUGHT MY OXFORD TODAY(!)for AUD$38 and i think it was down from $99 or smth.
    I couldn't wait any longer so i went straight after work to get it. Ended up with a black pair but i'm loving yours!!

  3. S: Thanks! i really love the shoes. hehe. will wear even if it hurts my feet

    F: No way!!! how come so coincidental???????? But so satisfying right, to finally buy it after longing for it. haha.

  4. You should write up a post on what to wear to match it with Oxford.
    Was thinking of wearing it to work this morning but i realise it doesnt go well with jeans! (Casual Friday).

  5. hi f. i'll try but to be honest i'm pretty bad at mix and matching. ahaha. but i think oxford flats wear with skinnies should be quite nice le. or you can try the "hanging" style of pants. you know the type of pants that ends before the ankles.

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