Save the environment!

The amount of plastic bags we use is absolutely ridiculous. I hate to think of where most of them end up at. Think rivers and seas and floating plastic bags. Not a very pretty sight. *sigh*

On a brighter side, I like how Malaysians are starting to use recycle/reusable bags nowadays...and for those who aren't, please do so! Don't let the "1 person is not going to contribute much" attitude stop you from taking the first step because if everybody else is thinking the same thing, who's going to take care of our earth?

So, the next time you go shopping, remember to bring along your own recycle bag. Stash some extra ones in your car, because there are times when you will realize that you just have to buy that chocolate bar on the way back from work, or maybe there's a sudden one-day sale (Why can't they have one-day-sale for clothes like they do for grocery lol).

So anyways, as I'm on this topic. With the rage of recycle bags going around, I'm sure many of us are looking out for those cute and quirky ones; something less boring than the typical carrefour one perhaps? Check out these from AdoraBabble.

Folded into tiny pouches


Going for a price of RM15 each, I reckon it's a pretty reasonable for a water-proof bag. So which design is for you? Remember, save the earth; save ourselves!


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