Countryside formality

Far far away from the busy city-life, close to nature would be where I'll be in less than a week! Well... 11 days to be exact.. but hey! Away from civilization?!? Besides that, it would be my first ever encounter with a job! (non-paid of course.. ) My worst dread now is what would an appropriate attire be to work in a retail pharmacy! located in a rural area...

Well, from my insightful observation, "all black" seems to be the omnipresent work attire. But..but.. I don't have such clothes just because it ain't me! *sighs* Well, I guess I need to change my whole wardrobe! No more casual clothes ( i must refrain from buying!) And more formal attire!

For the very lazy me, a checklist to help me choose well:
1) Sleeves is a plus! OR I'll need more cardigans if their sleeveless.
2) Best if it's the ones that look like 2 pieces but are actually one! =)
3) Best if it isn't hand-washed or need ironing badly.
4) Not too short skirts or too low cutting to avoid sexual assaults lol
5) Can't be too high heels or maybe just flats since I'll be standing mostly...
6) Pockets are a plus! To put my keys/ phone.

There might be more, but this is what I came up with for now. Hahahaha

I dropped by Doublewoot and saw a few pieces which would look nice for work! (don't mind those 1-4, just my taste lol)

Sigh.. it's tough finding for the perfect outfit that fulfills all my criteria! Gosh, it's like looking for my ideal man which is actually sad.

Anyways, anyone who's having trouble with time management! (like me) I suggest you list out your 'things to do' into a quartet table like below instead of the normal long never-ending list.
One of Dr. Randy Pausch's great advice, I'd say. Sometimes we do spend too much time on the unimportant but urgent items that our non-urgent & important items would shift over to the urgent & important box! Either discard and ignore the unimportant & urgent matters and focus on the important ones people! You'll be able to find yourself with extra time!

The long-winded S =P

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