3 wishes

Three things at the top of my wishlist currently.

RM 43
Pleated skorts from whitesoot; complete with my all-time-favourite bow. Too cute to resist.

RM 58
Cotton blazer with the added "youthful look". From Motte Closet.

RM 59
omg gorgeous gorgeous dress. No words necessary, except I want I want I want!! From thepoplook.

I just realized that all 3 items are blue. Guess this week's obsession is gona be blue for me, not the usual pink. :P

(Although I may have purchased something pink this week..which probably states the fact that I'm still gaga over pink. Does that mean I hesitate when it comes to blue, but not pink? Oh how I wish I grow money trees in my garden. kthxbye).


1 comment:

  1. Hi V! it's S~

    I have the perfect solution for you! I know where you can get seedling of a money tree =) you just need to pay up $1Million. Think of it as a great investment! The tree, if grows well, would give you your money back + interests/dividends or whatever the banks calls it!!!


    p.s. i'm stressed for my rural placement! I'll have no phone + internet at the accomodation.. but if i'm crazy I'll go to McD for free wifi...
    igotnoclothestoworkthati'msodoomed! T_T