Queen La Moss

Woopie!!! One paper handed in! Finally I can be rid of the stress I've been having for the past 3 weeks. Not entirely rid of it though, maybe just for the weekend because it's on to yet another one. and then another. and then another. and then much more. Anyhow, today I'm happy. And pretty stuff make me happier. And sharing pretty stuff makes me even happier! So..yea. Let's continue.

RM 25
This floral tank top is versatile, and cheap to top it off with! See how awesome it looks with just a cincher. ..of course it's for the more daring ones. Check out their other pictures where they pair it with a puffy tutu skirt for the sweet's totally <3!! They've got this one in orange too; I personally prefer the blue one but orange's equally awesome!

RM 25
 Striped racer back; long enough to wear as a mini dress too! Love the summery feel this combination gives. Looks really awesome with a blazer too. hehe.

RM 55
Romper romper. Grab one if you haven't yet because you don't want to be losing out on the romper craze. :)


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