A belated post

So, remember my last random post? Click here to refresh that memory of yours. =) I did those 4 steps religiously for 3 weeks, I think. And results are.... I think I look the same. Based on my thoughts, it could be more beneficial for those whose acne vulgaris severity is at Grade III - IV, whereas my skin was just Grade I to II. As you can see, I think a lot based on how many times I mentioned thinking or think or thoughts.

Moving on, most people living and breathing on Earth suffers from mild to moderate to severe cases of acne at many points of their lives. I mean just the occasionally huge zit on your nose or chin is just utterly ....sad =(

Thus, a few random facts for you to read through on another boring day of your life!

1. Acne is an inflammatory disease of the follicles of your skin which all started from a bacteria called      
     Propionibacterium acnes.
2.  Poor hygiene does not cause acne. Use mild-cleaning regimen (low-irritant, pH-balanced, soap-free, oil-free products. Washing 2 times a day is great. Not too many times as it'll traumatize thy skin.

3. Chocolate causes spots is false as there is no proof that any food causes acne. Healthy normal diet is warranted as its to keep your body healthy as a whole person.
4. Stress does not cause acne but it can make it worse.
5. Gels and solutions are more useful on oily skin as they have a drying effect.
6. Dry skin on the other hand will benefit from creams instead.
7. Lotions are great on large areas of skin such as upper trunk and neck.
8. There is no such thing as a 'quick fix' even prescribed medicines will take weeks to show results.
9. Do not squeeze thy pimples no matter how tempted you are to. Resist the temptation is all I can say! Preventing scars is better than trying to cure them. ( No sure cure for scars- decrease its prominence on your skin maybe)

As it inevitable that we're aging as every second passes by, we need to care for our own skin. If we don't, who else would? Hahahaha

The main reason which prompted me to write a post - a very belated one. Sorry! *drumrolls* V's birthday is TODAY! That's right, our beautiful unnie is turning twenty - years old! Graduation ceremony two more day from now. So, sad I can't be there to take photos with you all in your gowns or whatever their called! Partially envious and partially proud and definitely happy! Plus, on getting a job of thy dream! (JAPAN-like) I really hope you will do well on your work-life and love-life too! This is another start of a new chapter of your life V! Do spare some of your time to update us here on egs, ok? Love you tons and don't miss me too much hahaha