Heh, you guys must have thought that I've gone bonkers because I'm going TGIF when it's not even Friday yet! Fear not readers for I am still aware of the day of the week (although I must admit that I have difficulty keeping up with the dates as I've been a drama-catching-lazy-bum lately).

Let us go back to the main topic here. *clears throat* As I was saying, the TGIF in context actually refers to "Thank God I'm Fabulous", a new blogshop in the online shoposphere. Here's the million dollar question: what do the fabulous need to be their fabulous self? Why, dresses of course!

Everybody needs a little black dress in the closet, and here's something with a dash of sexiness at the back. Throw on a cardigan or a blazer for the dinner, and dump that cardigan for the club afterwards. Perfect, ain't it?

RM 43
RM 43

The best part about a scrunched bodycon is that it hugs you in all the correct places, giving you the perfect hourglass look, and has this incredible ability to hide your tummy!! I kid you not! This piece in nude is already sold out, and the same one in black is available in limited stock, so better hurry up!

RM 59 (Nude)
RM 59 (Black)

As opposed to the rather revealing black dress, here's a white angelic dress. The flowy layers emphasizes this simple yet sweet piece.

RM 59

This toga dress can be easily paired with a blazer for the office, or for the year-end company dinners on its own. Yet another simple but stunning piece.

RM 43

Hurry up and head over to TGIF now for these gorgeous pieces (and more)! And the good news is, they are offering FREE shipping for ALL items. Yes, you've heard (or rather, read) that right! And if you buy 3 items and above, you'll get an additional 10%! What are you waiting for? *winks*