Rojo Closet

Rojo closet's latest collection includes many gorgeous items that have caught my eye. In particular, I am so attracted to the dresses!

Loving this white and simple dress. The mesh, see-through sleeves adds a little sexy touch to this simple piece, making it perfect for a dinner party with the girlfriends.

RM 79

Absolutely love these chiffon dresses! I can't decide which is nicer; the sweet pink, angelic white or baby blue. These soft colours will be sure to brighten your day. I reckon these are perfect to hit the malls on the weekends!

RM 60

The little black dress with a tulip-cut skirt. The cutting of this dress emphasizes the body shape and the tulip bottom lets you show off those long gorgeous legs. Pair it with a pair of pumps and you're ready to rock that party ;)

RM 69

A good pair of long pants are great when you have to be in air-conditioned rooms all day long. Especially if your lecture halls are always freezing and there's nothing you can do about that centralized air conditioning. Loving the pockets and the waistline on this pair.

RM 69

This cream-coloured dress is suitable for both work and the parties. Gorgeously tailored with the empire line. Loving the details on the top part of the dress!

RM 85

Head over to Rojo closet to get your hands on these gorgeous pieces now! :)


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