Corporate Chic: A visit to J's wardrobe

Hello, chicas!

We'd like to thank our reader, J, for submitting this series of photos for this week's Corporate Chic. J is our reader from Australia and she works as an accountant in a privately owned firm. I shall speak no more and let you feast your eyes on these amazinggg photos.

White tank top (Esprit)
Faint pink belted cardigan (MNG)
Patterned leggings (ASOS)
 Pink laced up loafers (Korean blogshop on
It is very true that when you enter the working world, the Monday blues bugs are attached to you immediately and they never leave you till the day you retire. Hmmm, might not be true for certain people though. I tend to think that artsy people (eg. interior designers, photographers) love their jobs. Ok, back to J, she told us that she usually avoids wearing black on Mondays to get rid of her Monday blues and make her day brighter.

Mesh & satin dress (Vera Moda)
Cream & orange suede pumps (Vincci)
A simple dress is always the perfect way to go when you're feeling a little lazy to play mix and match.
Black sweater top (Calvin Klein)
High waisted belted pencil skirt (Forever New)
Black stilettos (Diavolina)
Wednesday's outfit was more formal for J had meetings with clients so she's stuck with the usual black attire that can never go wrong.

Black & white striped long sleeves shirt (Korean blogshop on Gmarket)
Dark navy cargo pants (Ralph Lauren Jeans)
Leather belt (MNG)
Tan oxfords (
 You tend to feel a little excited on Thursday as weekend is fast approaching. Here, J settled for something less formal.
White tank top (Country Road)
Blue striped blazer (ZARA)
Pleat-front shorts (Country Road)
Leather belt (MNG)
Tan wedges (Wittner)
TGIF! Time for a more relaxed outfit so J threw on a pair of shorts. I must say that I absolutely love that pair of wedges. Actually, I love every pair of her shoes!
Don't you all just LOVE these pictures? You all have to agree with me that she has a great sense of style! J must be secretly doing a part time job as a supermodel! Well, I'm glad J sent us these photos because accoutants are often stereotyped as dull but J proved this statement FALSE!

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Stay tune for more! xx