What better way to curb the monday blues than shopping?

Yes, our titles are more or less similar but hey i guess that's why we're such close friends right? hehe. ok, enough about that, on to some pretties to rid us of the monday blues!

Can't believe we've missed this, but I absolutely adore the bubblegum bags from Oh, popsicles! I must confess to having a slight obsession with bags and my favs are structured bags. But my gripe with structured bags are that they usually just come in brown and black. But not these:

Bubblegum bags from Oh, popsicles!
RM 55

And remember our steal the look: hyori post? Well, i found another plaid blazer from style influx. It's a bit pricey, RM 70 but judging from the photos alone the quality looks to be top notch.

Plaid blazer from style influx
RM 70

Another item that i love from style influx is their herve leger inspired panel dress. I just love the colour and the cut!

Herve leger inspired panel dress from style influx
RM 69
And that's it for now. Will update again soon with more goodies.
e.g.s girl H

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