Hurry up to wakeupandgetdressed!

It's a Monday again. *sighs* I need to wake up early in the morning and get dressed for classes. But, hey there's actually this blogshop which is definitely worth your time to browse around. I think there's a lot of neat stuff to choose from. Here's a few great pics from this site.
Ain't this piece cute or is it just me? Pairing it with a grey leggings with the black top and a black tights with the grey top would make a set of clothes for twins or BFFs!

I would wear this to class. It's simple and casual, yet a subtle hint of being sweet and cute.

Not sure why it's called a Lipstick print dress, when you can still mismatch them with your other pieces from the wardrobe. But, another simple and casual look. I'd say suitable for going out with friends and yet still look very good =P

Hahaha.. yesh, I'm a fan of True Blood. Thus, vampires just came to my head when I saw this "Cute Smiley sweater"?

They also sell "Necklaces with Personality". Heck, I think I'd wear them according to thy mood of the day.
I'd wear this for Monday-Friday classes. *points at eye-bags*

I'd wear this when I feel great and love-ly. It is cute, okay?

And, I'd wear this for my mid-sem tests on Wednesday cause I'll be having two tests on that very day and I haven't really studied yeah, wish me luck (T_T)

Anyways, the reason why I mentioned hurry up in the title of this post is because wakeupandgetdressed has this Grand opening sales which allows you to get 50% off the 3rd item you buy in the same purchase and it's ending on the 22nd of April, which is like this Thursday! Go to their site for more info and browse through it while you're at it. Or get some friends together and shop together, it's really fun. =)

The extremely tired, S

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