Steal the look: Lee Hyori

Hi all, we're back with another steal the look post. And for a KPOP fan, who a better idol to emulate than Lee Hyori. I LOVE Hyori. She's hilarious and completely down to earth. Yes, i know i don't know her so who am i to pass along that judgment right? But anyone who watches Family Outing will find it hard to not like her. I mean she's the top female idol in Korea and yet she does things like these:

"Fashion show" in one of the episodes of Family Outing. Her concept is that of a naughty school girl
Her wrestling with Ha Ji Won in another episode of Family Outing
She and Jaesuk as well as with Daesung makes the best combo ever!!! Sigh, I really miss watching them on Family Outing. Oops. Enough about me reminiscing over a now cancelled show and on to fashion

I bet those unfamiliar with Lee Hyori probably thinks I'm completely out of my mind for wanting to emulate someone like her but this is what she normally looks like:

Hyori featured in a magazine spread
To be honest, I myself used to find it hard to believe that Lee Hyori is one of the hottest stars in Korea. The first time I saw hyori was in family outing. So in my mind she's the hyori pictured in the first two photos. But then, one day I was watching this award show, I think it was MKMF 2008, yes I know it's from eons ago but till now I still LOVE the outfit she wore and the performance (one of my fav big bang performance of all time).

Lee Hyori and BIG BANG at the MKMF 2008

Yes, the only reason I was even watching that performance was because of Big Bang, but hyori's outfit definitely caught my eye. This photo is from nearly 2 years ago but hyori is already rocking the liquid leggings look. I remember at that time, v, s and I were discussing that the liquid leggings look will probably never catch on in malaysia. Well fast forward 1 year and a half and suddenly 80% of malaysian girls own a pair of liquid leggings.

How to steal this look?

Well, one of my fellow girl, v has managed to achieve that. Haha. and all it took is:
a plaid blazer from Red Ocaso for rm 43 (It's from Nov so there's only the green one left. But v managed to grab a red one)

liquid leggings (you can find it at nearly every blog shop selling leggings). But for the sake of this post I'll just feature this one from an old flame (yes it's the same one in the SNSD post)

and a long white tank top (again, something that most probably have in their closet). So really the only thing you need to achieve the hyori look is a plaid blazer.

And here's our very own girl rocking the look:

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