The Purl Shop

In line with us reviewing anything that tickles our fancy, i've decided to feature a pretty unique blogshop, the Purl Shop. Why do i say it's unique? Well, for several reasons:
1. Everything in the shop is handmade. I LOVE hand crafted things.
2. The blogshop is based in australia. But hey, they do international shipping!!

They sell a lot of amigurumis. For those who don't know, amigurumis are knitted stuffed toys. Some of the amigurumis you'll see on the site are:

Tell me you don't find these completely adorable

But they do sell wearable items as well like this floral head piece

And they even take requests. So if you're thinking of a unique and special present for a special someone, i think the Purl Shop will definitely have something great to offer.


  1. Wow...
    These are completely adorable!!!
    I din know knitting could do that!
    Thanks for sharing..
    I like!


  2. Yes, super super adorable! I tried making one tiny one but failed because I was simply too lazy to continue.