I am proud to present's all time favourite blogshop: Ladiesfash!

Definitely our favouritest place to grab cheap but good stuff. For me (v) and h..this is where we had our very first online shopping experience, and the good service that we encountered is what led to our crazy and growing obsession with online shopping. We've bought countless of times from them and each time was a memorable experience; Kate's really friendly, efficient and patient.

They've just recently updated with a bunch of stuff...and there are some things that caught my eye.

Maxi-lovers alert! They're back with more wooden maxis! If I'm not mistaken...this is the 3rd round they've restocked this. Definitely means something, doesn't it? They do have the shorter version but I'm not sure if they're still available. But here's something similar:

Jordin babydoll in white this time round! So very tempting!! They've got another similar one but the lace part at the back is slightly different, and I personally prefer this one because it is less revealing. Of course, those braver ones can opt for the other design.

Look at the lacey details made oh-so-clear with the black lining underneath. They've got lotsa other lacey stuff too. Too much to review I can't choose argh. haha.

I love them dual-tone dresses!!!! One of my favourite outfits to uni, paired with ankle leggings...casual but fashionable.

Sexy casual halter perfect for the Malaysian weather.

They've got soooo much other goodies..ranging from casual to formal...for a casual day out, for the workplace, and for formal events! And don't say I didn't warn you: Ladiesfash has got LOTS of customers (I mean lots!!), and some stuff gets sold out within you better have your kiasu spirits ready if you want your favourite colour or outfit.

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