My first ever online shopping experience

I find it hard to believe now but there was once a time where I didn't even know about online shopping. Yea sure I knew about e-bay but that was it. I never knew there were such things as blog shops, and in Malaysia some more. And of course, I was skeptical about online shopping when I first knew about it. I mean the concept of browsing through stuff online, then contacting the blog owner, waiting for a reply, finalizing the purchase, banking in the money and waiting for the purchase to arrive just seems so time consuming. And of course being quite the worry wart, I would wonder, can the blog owner be trusted, or is it just a scam? Or, will the clothes look as nice as it does in the photo and can it fit me? Or even, will the items get lost in transit, what if it never reaches me?

So, ever the pessimist I did not give it a chance at first. Until a friend bought a dress online. And, guess what, she got her dress. The blog owner did not scam her, the dress looked just like it looked in the photo and her package arrived just fine. The friend continued shopping online and eventually after seeing her browse online shops day in and day out I eventually succumbed to temptation and decided to give it a shot.

One day, her, another friend and I ordered kimono dresses from ladiesfash. We each bought a different colour. Oh how excited we were. We were supposed to be studying for an exam but i'm sure most of you can understand how easy it is to go from studying to online shopping in just a second. hehe.

We sent our email and waited patiently for the reply. Oh how excited I was when the package finally arrived. I must say I was really satisfied with the purchase. Hence, the addiction.

The dress that started it all
(Excuse the photo. Can't seem to find the original post from ladiesfash)

A process that seemed so bothersome at first now seems so simple and more importantly convenient. Now, whenever I'm bored all I need to do is go online, browse through blogshops and if i see anything i like, send an email. So, yes, I don't know if I should be glad that I discovered online shopping or sad (my wallet always seems to be empty now that I know about online shopping).

So, what's the first ever purchase you bought online? How did you find out about online shoppping?

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