JanLeVin is a new online boutique which offers both latest trends and good prices! Love the homepage with the four smiling faces! It gives off a sense of warm welcome to all their customers before "entering" their boutique *hearts*

For a newly opened boutique, there is a huge range of fashion to choose from like floral dresses, formal dresses and to even printed tees!

However, mostly are for the small sized and medium sized people. So, the L sized people and above, you should check the measurements with the owners of this boutique before purchasing, okay? I bet they're very helpful & friendly people, so don't shy away~

Let me quote a little from their site:
"We are always on the look out for new, trendy fun and most importantly affordable clothing. So, if u happen to spot something u love out there but find it too much to pay for, just simply snap a picture of it and send it to us and we’ll try our best to hunt it for u, at a reasonable and affordable price of cos =)"

Thus, if you're looking for a certain style which they do not have on their site now, you could actually request so and hope for the best!
If that ain't friendly, then I ain't got a term for that kind of service.

Click here to visit JanLeVin boutique and show them some support!~ Aja-aja hwaiting!!

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