Steal the Look: Gossip Girl

Most of my friends would know that I am a die hard gossip girl fan, and one of the main reasons is their unbelievably trendy outfits in the series. Never a day would I tire of watching the gowns, party dresses, sequined tops, colorful tights, blazers and etc. go down the gossip girl runway, so to speak. Every episode is like fashion show and one could wonder how will we be able to imitate their impeccable taste. AS they say, imitation is the best form of flattery. So for this post, I will try my best to scrounge the blogshops out there to find y'all the best combination of outfit that would scream or hopefully at least *whisper* gossip girl! :P

For the first look I am drooling at is one of Blake Lively portraying Serena on location. However, the only piece of apparel which I managed to find is the top she is wearing. Presenting.......

In this picture, hopefully by squinting, you can see the graphic tee that Serena is wearing which to me looks slightly like paint splatter, but in a flattering way. I love the combination of the tee, sequined blazer and skinnies with ankle boots! You can just purchase this similar tee from PoppyGarden for just RM 14!! Is that a steal or not?

Blair Waldorf is another fashion icon in gossip girl and is well known for her preppy looks coupled with headbands of various designs. Other than her good-girl looks, she is also famous for her designer clothes. Cost a bomb but do not fret, I have managed to scrounge up a look which 99.9 % resembles what Blair was wearing...

The dress worn by Blair is directly off the Herve Leger runway and its the iconic bodycon dress which is all the rage these days. A similar version can be seen in Buttons and Biscotti for RM 59 as compared to an original which will probably be in the 4 digits range.

I'm sure all of you have the notice the transition of trends to include the nautical theme and Gossip Girl has been ahead of the blogshop scene in this trend by having the sailor inspired dress in one of their earlier episodes. ThePopLook offers a similar dress in the same navy blue shade and sailor collar. One of my absolute favorite styles as it has this hint of vintage.

And here's Serena's famous grecian white dress which was worn during the episode which the White Party was held. I always said to myself that this would be the dress that I will wear for my engagement pictures...hahaha *in dreamland*. A more casual and short version was available in ClothesBucket. Although its not longer available I just thought its too gorgeous to pass up

So that's all from me for my Steal the Look post. Hope all you girls enjoyed it and stay tuned for more. If you like, you can even email us at for suggestions for any Steal the Look posts and we will try to oblige if the proper resources are available *winks*

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