Tanks for 5

I'm sure most of you girls out there would agree with me that tank tops are staple clothes; as much as rice is our staple food. Being such a lazy bum as I am, on hot lazy days I would throw on a tank top and a pair of shorts, and I'm ready to go out for my ang dao pengs (ABC/Cendol). So, the question is, where to get cheap tanks? Well good news for everybody because Tanks for 5 are indeed selling their tanks for RM5! FIVE RINGGIT! Can you believe it?

They've got plain tanks:

...and so much more. And everything costs RM5 each.

Hold gets cheaper..they're currently having a special promotion.
Purchase 10 pieces, get 5 pieces free. Let me calculate...hmm..that means each would cost approximately RM3.33! O_O What are you waiting for?