Florals: Part 2

So we did a feature on florals ages ago, well even after a couple of months, floral dresses are still all the rage. But i guess the florals you see around now are more vintage-y.

Take this dress from die heart fashion. I think the floral design has this vintage feel to it. Going for RM 46.

Another gorgeous floral dress I spotted, this one from Shopaholics Unite! going for Rm 53. I must say, i'm completely in love with this dress. Oh so tempted to get it!!!

Here's the thing, we're followers of smwdy and we came across a post where a few commenters mentioned that review blogs should cater more towards first time shopper and provide some first hand experience. Well, we can't agree more. So here's our honest, unbiased, impartial lowdown on Shopaholics Unite!

Do note though we've only collectively shopped here once so our opinion is based on our sole experience. I LOVE shopping with Shopaholics Unite! The owner, Leng is friendly, and very accommodating. I remember asking her tons of questions about the measurements and she was very prompt with her reply and more importantly, she was always polite. So service wise i'll rate her as 5 stars. And, there's nothing to complain about either as her product is top notch as well. Overall i was very satisfied with my purchase so will definitely shop from her again in the future.

And last but not least, to cap of this floral post, yet another lovely floral dress from Doublewoot and the best part is it's only going for rm 44 but you all better hurry because this is the last piece left!!

Doublewoot is another shop that we've made purchases from. For me I think double woot like shopaholics unite is very professional, prompt and provides great service. The one time i ordered something from the shop, their reply was very fast (within an hour i think) and they were very flexible. But unfortunately, my fellow eat.gossip.girl's sister had a not so pleasant encounter with doublewoot. The thing with doublewoot is they have a large clientele. I think this is pretty clear by how fast their items are sold out. So due to some carelessness on their side, they accidentally sent out the item to another online shopper with the same name living in another state. But you know what, things like this happens, so i guess she was just unlucky. This most likely won't stop me from shopping at doublewoot though. There's no doubt that in terms of quality, they rate a five star. So i guess the key is to double check with them before they send out the package just to confirm that the package is going where it should.

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  1. I don't think I can usually wear floral.. but I still like it..
    I love the dress from Shopaholics Unite!
    I think that black might look slimming enough for me!