Monday is near, we need some cheer!

Corny title eh? That's because I am approaching a Monday blues mode, and what better way to cure that than with a little dose of pretty things to look at ;)

Doublewoot has returned with yet another impeccable collection. I have myself personally purchased from Doublewoot twice already. In my experience, they have been efficient and the clothings are of good quality. Here's their recently updated runway inspired pieces!

These are the five pieces which I picked from their large collection that really caught my eye *especially the maxi!*. Needless to say, the pictures speaks for themselves!

Another blogshop which have updated with an overhaul of new items, this time accessories is Peep. The accessories are really eye-candy. In different hues of rich purple, pink and etc. Here's a sneak peek to some of them. To see more, just click on the link!

Found something nice over at Heaven4Angels. They've updated with lace kimonos and cheongsams! Utterly gorgeous.

This one blogshop I never had a personal experience dealing with, but for those of you who have, feel free to let us know your experience!

Always a pleasure updating for you girls ~M~

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