Weekend is over..boohoo

But shopping continues as always :)

Dainty little blogshop just updated today and here are some stuff I like:

I love this piece! I can't seem to describe why though..I love it because the white part is white...and the zig-zag stripes part is just so...I don't know!! The dress is simply love! [Gah I'm crazy]

From the selections I choose for reviewing, I noticed that I like black and white striped tops paired with black bottom wear, and this piece is 2-in-1. Perfect! I actually really like how they paired this piece with the necklace. I think it's an awesome combination.

This piece sure has a vintage feel to it. Although I'm not a big fan of vintage, I do like this one, and I think pairing it with a belt is genius!

On to bags from glossy addiction:

I've mentioned before that I'm addicted to glossy stuff (no pun intended, really) and this bag sure is glossy! The chains and studded side sure adds the grunge to the hobo!

Here's a similar hobo that can be doubled as a sling. It's bigger too, perfect for uni aight?

The slighty crazy e.g.s girl, v.

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