Hot, lazy day

*Sorry about the lack of updates. Our blogger was having problems with picture uploads.*

Came across a few harajuku lovers tees at that I simply love! Problem is they're a bit pricey (RM89-109) for a poor student like me :( Regardless, I'm still sharing it for the sake of those who can afford them. I'm nice that way. Lol at self.

Here are some nice dresses from my vintage garden that I'm really tempted to purchase. Each of these at RM49.

I'm sure most of you have seen these knitted cardigans around right? They look awfully comfy; I can imagine myself attending the most boring lecture ever in an air-conditioned room...wearing this might be a good alternative to bringing my blankey to class =/ *cough*
Well, The Dazzle Razzle has got 'em selling for only RM44!

And lasty, this piece (the brown one) is on sale - RM25 at the october!

Too many temptations!! Brought to you by v.

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