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Sorry for the lack and lag in updating this blog, things gotten quite busy lately. *sighs* Hope your life in the midst of all the hectic mess will find some joy and peace by feasting your eyes on these lovely updates below.

emcee couture has updated their vintage slash cute accessories collection! Furthermore, I saw a "Buy 3 items to get free postage!" which definitely tempts me to get 3 just to get the free postage~ ( me and my odd thinking)

More super cute and sweet accessories to be found at SugarPoppins! Be warned: so sweet your teeth might start falling out. =)

Heaven4Angels has a new update too! A floral dress with a subtle hint of lace. It's non-restockable so you better hurry if you want one!

Come into Sister's Closette to check out these new arrivals! Floral fever seem to be hitting a lot of people, don't ya think? Floral printed and rose-printed tops.

I think this monochrome long top seem to be quite an interesting piece... there's many other patterns available! Do check this blogshop for more choices.

the.october has huge updates! First off, the tights/leggings! Gosh, the variety is shocking itself if you exclude the shocking colors. Check out the.ABSOLUTE DIVA. There's lime green too~ Anyways, all of their names start with the letter "J".. i wonder why?

the.october also have quite an impressive collection for OLs. I mean if I was working, I'd buy all these working attires. Hahahaha... (yes, I know... I'm unemployed =( )
I like how this site matches their pieces with each other to let the customers see how well it looks paired up with certain tops/bottoms. I mean it gives an idea to the customers too on how to wear each piece of clothing! This is very beneficial for those who have trouble with visualizing... mentally like v.

Okay people.... seems like I gotta run for my life now, bye!

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