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As usual taking a break from assignments to keep up with blogshops updates. Definitely saw some eye-catching pieces. Enough with the chit chat and on with the goodies :)

What attracts me the most about this blog is their minimalist way of presenting the clothes. White background gives you clearer view of the clothes and the simplicity of the presentation takes away all other busy details to let you concentrate on the piece you may want to purchase.

The coveted cheongsam which was seen in Heaven4Angels is also available here. So coveted that its already sold out and they are taking restocks. The cropped blazer with slightly puffed shoulder detailing is also very chic nowadays. These is one piece which I think appeals to me most. Going for only RM48 and the cheongsam RM50!

What can I say, I am so coveting The Odd Loft's cupcake series of clothes. I was just featuring their scallop trimmed skirt the other day and now they have a puffy vanilla coloured with lace trimmed lining skirt! And its already reserved! Ahhhhh where can I get one of those?! The top is oh-so gorgeous as well, combination of pink and cream. Looks good enough to be eaten, hence the name 'cupcake'?


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