More finds

I'm being lazy so yea more updates from me :D

I love love love this white laced piece from Peep. The picture describes it all - the awesome lace detail, the flowy (Is that even a word =/) ribbon. Let the picture do the talking seriously. My words don't do it justice.

Yet another piece that I love but can't seem to use words to describe. The swirls and random pictures are like in the perfect amount - Not too much not too little; just right for me. It's like modern art on a white canvas, except that the prints are way too cute to be in a museum. Head over to Basic House now. *psst* They've recently updated with lotsa drool-worthy bags!

This piece from clothesbucket has summer written all over! I love the yellow and the "colour gradient" effect on this dress (Yea I'm all about colours!). If you don't want something this bright, they've got them in purple and grey too. And I think we can be assured that this piece is of high qualities, as they've got tons of fabulous feedbacks from the buyers, so good that they are currently doing restocks! So hurry and get yours secured today ;)
Yours truly, v.

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