Diva's divine

New blogshop in town: Diva's divine!
They're still new, so there aren't many choices yet but I'm rather impressed with what they have in-store!

Love the "colour splash" effect on this one (Am I the only one who always sees "colour effects" on clothes - I think I have a rather peculiar way of describing things). Anyways, I think they're pretty creative at pairing this top; paired with high-waisted shorts or as a mini dress - love them both ways!

This military jacket is love! The slightly puffed shoulders give the extra oomph to the military feel, but not too much to scare people away! :D

Tell me this is not pretty. I wouldn't listen anyway. This satin dress gives the extra boost to your assets.

Floral dress. Makes we wana pair this with a straw hat and have a picnic in the sun with the wind blowing in my face. (I watch too much anime; In reality I'll probably get heat stroke) Let's put that aside, this sweet piece is up for any occasion, heck I could even wear it to work!

There you have it. Go on to Diva's Divine and check it out for yourself. I'm loving their template.

egs girl, v.

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