I want more!

Hey guys and girls, looking at the tittle will tell you I want more updates from blogshops which will bring us pieces like these.

Uber lovely and breathtakingly whimsical pieces from Emcee Couture. Definitely one of a kind pieces as they choose the material and tailor make it themselves. Don't you just love the feel of owning a piece that is totally yours and no one else has the same? I know I do :P

Vego also has some amazing pieces to offer. Looking very demure and pretty ain't it? I for one adore the long bf inspired tee with the detailing at the front!

Horizontal stripes and jeggings!! My all time favourites. I have yet to own my a pair of jeggings as I am still on the hunt for the perfect pair. This pair here is seriously tempting, with the ripped design and washed out grey. And we all can never have more than enough of those structured dresses and this particular one has an entire length of zippers, how quirky is that?


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