Are you a romper lover?

Is the floral fever still infecting you now? Just wonderin' hehehe...

thepoplook has some wicked rompers. These could suffice well for the outfit to go out for a drink with friends or even a date with your loved one. The best bit about it is that it looks comfy! Well, may be excluding the part about going to the loo... Anyways, just match these with a nice jacket or cardigan and you're ready to leave your house!
Denim would never go out of fashion. It might leave momentarily, but it'll definitely be back. Now, the more vintage shades of denim are making a comeback! The lighter toned blues seem to go well with florals than the dark toned ones to me. Don't you think so? thepoplook has this lovely romper, so do check it out!
cutiefashionwonderland is a recently new blogshop with a few pieces which caught thy divine attention. The bow at the back just adds cute-ness into this dress.

This piece really stands out to me for some odd reason... but the cloth pattern, gosh.. why does it seem like dejavu when I see this? Hmm.. must be too much floral patterns exposure. Let's move back to the point, this piece has an inner shorts underneath the skirt! Now, doesn't that make it seem like a romper too.
From, S whose arms sore from being vaccinated. =(

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