It's Mother's Day!

On this very special day, would love to wish all mothers a 'Happy Mother's Day!' Cause you deserved it! [insert an applause and a huge cheer here!] It's a day of appreciation and also serves as a reminder of what an AMAZING mother you are! Trust me, although this should have been an everyday event, sadly it isn't. Everyday, we (kids) would wake up expecting our mothers to have prepared breakfast and eat it quickly (dump dishes into basin) then leave home to school or work without leaving even a gesture or a word of appreciation to our mothers.

The effort in waking up super-duper early to go market shopping and the frustration of deciding what to buy and what to cook [Should I cook curry today? or My hubby loves this, but my kid doesn't like this? or Is this a healthy balanced meal? or That's a bit tad too expensive?] We weren't aware of or more like we didn't bother about what our mothers have to go through by just preparing one of our many meals. The preparation of cooking takes careful planning and efficiency with the extra pressure to make sure every meal taste extremely well due to the boasting ubiquitous phrase, "There's nothing outside that can beat a mother's cooking." Thus, with the final product on the dinner table, the kids would come and wolf it all down in less than 10 minutes or sometimes just eat a spoonful and leave without saying a word "thanks" or "that's delicious, mom". Boy, aren't we a disappointing bunch of kids? Some of us might even say that it isn't tasty at all!

If I were in my mom's shoes, I would have blown up like an atomic bomb. Yet, you were patient and forgiving. On this day, all children should be sorry for all the grief and tears they caused, the worry which lead to lack of sleep for their mothers and the anger they had sparked with their terrible deeds. Then, we should also promise to be a better person and slowly be more appreciative of our mother's effort in aiding us even if it's just a meal *winks* One more thing I would like to add is that I love how mothers do not look forward to the gifts their children bought for them but just the heart of their kids. This is the day we show our mothers that we love them back too! I mean they obviously love us and constantly shows it through their actions or just by asking how's your day everyday? So, those of us who haven't prepared a gift yet or even if you have done so already, come and express your feelings in words! Words are really powerful so don't you underestimate them, okay?

S to mummy: Happy Mother's Day! I love you and I miss you tons. I love how you'd cook all my favourite food when I'm back home. I love how you'd still bring me out shopping and don't mind being dragged here and there... to and from the dressing room to tell me bluntly on how I look in the outfit. Tiresome, I know since you're aging each year. Hahaha I hope that you'd still continue to do so for me so please do take care of your health too! Can't wait to hug you again XOXO

H: be honest i'm pretty bad at openly expressing my feelings but mum i'm sure you know how much i love you! will surely dread living apart from you and i really wish that i can stay mummy's little girl forever!!!!

V: Sorry that you had to deal with my crazy mood swings. One second I'm all joyful and hyped, and one second I'll be so gloomy that I'll snap at anything that comes my way. Yes, even though I am well beyond my teenage times, I probably still ocassionally have the teenage-hormone-crazy periods. I'm sorry for all that, and really grateful that you haven't disowned me :D Happy mother's day! p.s I'm probably the most  mummy-dependent daughter; I mean who gets sick EVERYTIME her mom is away? <3

M: I heard this really great saying on the radio just today that goes like this, 'God couldn't be everyplace at once so that's why He made mothers'. I know my mum has been the greatest and always there for me 100% of the time. She even flew all the way to where I am studying to help me clean the house every semester. How amazing is that?! And get this, my mom online shops as well. So all of you know probably where I get my shopping habits from *wink* She will call me or message me randomly to tell me about this dress she saw online and I think i reflect her personality so closely.....hahah I think she's the best and am so glad that God put her in my life. So mummy, if you're reading my blog on this very special day, Happy Mother's Day! God bless you and have an amazing trip to Korea. Love you always :)

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