Wednesday Shopping

Remember just yesterday I did a post on floral semi high-waist skirts, well, you'll never be out of choices since chic-belle has lauched their own collection of floral skirts, for a slightly cheaper price too.

Both of these skirts are at the moment still available and going for RM 32! Isn't that a steal. I think its one of the cheapest so far. Do look in store for other steal-worthy items.
Think you're having double vision? Think again! Both these dresses are selling at double-woot and Motte Closet and I am totally in love with them. Floral body-con, I couldn't think of a better match. Unfortunately these 2 dresses are currently sold out at both blogshops!! No harm inquiring for restock ;)

I am probably abit behind in the boyfriend tee fad, but the look is seriously starting to grow on me. Just when it does, I am seeing so many choices of boyfriend inspired tee on sale and all at gorgeous shades of denim and plains. am i ever going to choose. Double woot is going for the plain shades with white, black grey and navy blue but I think there's only black left! So hurry up girls. Lovelicious Wardrobe and Motte Closet are going for the more denim/cowboy style and I absolutely love it as well. Wear it anyway you want and look chic!

Signing off ~M~

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