Those who have shoe fetish and also extreme cravings for high fashion shoes, TRÈS TRÉSORS is for you. I myself am quite a shoe addict and a good and gorgeous pair of shoes turns me to goo and it will be hard to resist. I was just browsing through the website to get an idea of which shoes am i going to feature and there were soooo many I was spoiled for choice. Not to worry, I have managed to narrow it down to a few choices which was painstakingly difficult.

Two Tone Mary Janes

This was the first one to catch my eye because I have been looking all over for a pair of mary jane pumps!!!! And this comes in two tones and besides beige, they even have white. Lovely isn't it. I can just imagine how it would looks paired with tights and a cute vintage or baby-doll dress.

Fluorescent Platforms
Next in line is this rich fuchsia platforms. Amazing color, which was what attracted me to it in the first place. Comes in two more gorgeous shades of orange and red.

Preppy Oxfords
You have to admit this is a very cute pair of oxfords and I am oh so in love with it too. Imgining it paired with a school girl outfit and white tights! Can you say 'Blair Waldorf'?

Satin Pumps
When I came across this pair, all that was running through my mind was Victoria Beckham. She's notoriously famous for her killer heels and I have to say they look very much like these. For those who are trying to emulate Victoria's fashion sense, then I have to say this pair is for you. *psst* the satin exterior adds more appeal.

Suede Criss Cross
This will be the final pair I am featuring. I have to admit that this pair is slightly out of my usual style but it just called out to me. Gotta admit the colour is just beautiful. *dreams*

IF what I have featured here is not your style, look instore..because with their large collection, I am pretty sure there's something for everyone. Head on over to TRÈS TRÉSORS to cure your shoe cravings! That's pretty much it from me, off to study ~M~

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