Something completely random and crazy!

Hi, this is going to be a completely random post that has nothing whatsoever to do with shopping but we just had to get this out. So, please continue reading. Hehe. We need your help!

So the other day, some of us egs girls and our friends were studying together and for some weird reason our conversation somehow shifted from distillation columns to how to use a squat toilet. Wait. please don't stop reading. we're really not crazy. Here's the thing, we were sort of arguing about what's the correct way to use a squat toilet. Do you face the wall or face the door? I know it might sound so completely basic but the thing is based on the people we asked we got nearly half saying they face the wall and half facing the door.

Laugh if you want because we sure did. We had so much fun laughing at how ludicrous the topic was but in the end we more or less reached a conclusion. well not really as v is still insistent. So here's the million dollar question - Do you face the wall or the door when you use a squat toilet?

And seriously, don't stop reading our blog because of this weird and random post. We just had to know. Let's consider this as some sort of social experiment k. Hehe. and we'll be back with our usual shopping posts after this.

Do help us in our little experiment:

How do you use a squat toilet?


  1. hey! more people face the wall than the door :P

  2. gosh.... this is revelational...! so funny! haha!

  3. LOL. yes, it is revelational! and we're just soo surprised that it's practically 50-50. Pretty interesting right, that half the people are in fact using the toilet incorrectly (me included. LOL). Yes, there is in fact a correct way of using it. Will reveal when the poll ends. hehe. But hey, to each their own right?