Was procrastinating as usual and browsing through blogshops when i stumbled upon this in Peep:

I seriously don't know what is it about the dress but I just absolutely LOVE it!! The first thought that came to mind was, "I just need to have this dress". All thoughts of saving money flew out the window and i was all ready to place my order when i saw that the dress was reserved. My world just came crashing down when i saw that. SIGH. But oh well, i still inquired anyway. Hehe.

But there are tons of other nice stuff in peep like these:

Another gorgeous lace number that can double as both a skirt and a tube dress.
And i completely adore this gorgeous bubble dress as well. And the best part is it comes in three colours. White is my fav though.

Peep just updated yesterday and already some items are unavailable (i.e. the dress of my dreams). So you all better hurry!

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